Mrs. Wendie Metty & Ms. Amber Jeffries Kindergarten Class (2020-2021)

Mrs. Wendie Metty & Ms. Amber Jeffries Kindergarten Class (2020-2021)

Important Kindergarten Information

Upcoming Dates to remember!

March 8-12th Spring Break

Monday  03/15/21--Professional Development Day (NO STUDENTS)

Tuesday  03/16/21--Students Return

Friday  04/02/21--Good Friday Holiday

Monday  04/03/21--Good Monday Holiday

Please use the Google Link below to join us for class each week on Monday-Thursday at 7:30am and Friday at 8:30am.  This link is also posted in each course area in Schoology.  

Google Meeting Link

To join our virtual class, you can either click on the link above in yellow (Google Meeting Link) or you can copy/paste the url below into a Web Browser.  For example, Chrome, Internet Explorer etc. 

‪(US) +1 615-549-8861‬ PIN: ‪977 838 253‬#

**We now use Schoology for classwork**


Classwork will be posted on Monday and will be due on Friday of the same week.

Parents--Follow the instructions below to setup your child on Epic Books.  

Go to

Enter Class Code: qxj8562

Find your name on the list and click on it. 

We have set a weekly goal for your child to read 5 books each week. I would like for your child to at least take 1 quiz a week over one of the books that I've assigned.  

After reading the book, your child will take the quiz on Epic, and then will take the quiz on Renaissance: 

Each 9 Weeks--our goal is to complete and pass a minimum of 5 tests on Renaissance.  By the end of Kindergarten, all students must pass 20 AR books with a score of 80% or above.   Here is a list of Books that are on Epic and Renaissance.  It will help if the student will read the book on Epic first, take the quiz on Epic (to get familiar with test questions) and then login to Renaissance and take the quiz.  In order for the test to count on Renaissance, they must receive a passing score of 80% or above.  

Name of Book on Epic                               Author's Name (Listed on Epic)                                   Author's Name (Listed on Renaissance)

1. It's My Turn                               Sam Williams
2. Shh! What's That Sound           Joann Cleland                                               Jo Cleland
3. I'm The Boss                             Sam Williams
4. What Do You See?                    Michael Taylor
5. Pizza Mouse                             Michael Garland
6. Cat Got a Lot                            Steve Henry
7. The Jungle in my Yard              Joann Cleland                                               Jo Cleland
8. Late Nate in a Race                  Emily Arnold McCully
9. We Have a Box                         Carolyn Kisloski
10. Hide and Seek                        
Carolyn Kisloski
11. Cleaning Day                           Constance Newman

Intervention 9:45-10:15

We have several different intervention websites we use.  

Iready: Go to the website:  The students have Teacher Assigned assignments that will appear on Monday of each week.  These are due by noon on Friday of each week.  They will also have assignments under 'My Path' to complete.  They will need to complete 2 for Reading and then 2 for Math under 'My Path'. **Grades are recorded on the 'Teacher Assigned' assignments.  If the assignments aren't completed each week, a zero will be recorded in the Gradebook.  Please make sure your child completes these assignments weekly.**

If your child has been assigned to use MyLexia, remember that intervention program replaces their MyPath on I-Ready for Reading Only. 

Kindergarten Standards For February 22nd-March 5th:

(Reading Foundation)- 

(Reading Literature)


(Reading Information)-



Monday through Thursday:

7:30-7:45 Morning Meeting

7:45-8:10 Phonemic Awareness (Heggerty/Phonics(Journeys)

8:10-8:20 Sight Word Routine

8:20-8:30 Vocabulary

8:30-9:00 Comprehension (Journeys)

9:00-9:45 Writing 25/20 Split (Text Related)

9:45-10:15 Ready, Set, Read! Interventions (Monday-Epic-take quiz over book and take quiz in Renaissance) (Wednesday-I-Ready Reading-Teacher Assigned & MyPath--Some students will work in myLexia instead of completing MyPath lessons). 

10:15-10:30 Bathroom

10:30-11:00 Lunch

11:25-12:10 Activity 

12:10-12:20 Math Fluency

12:20-1:10 Math

1:10-2:00 Math Intervention

2:00 Art

2:30 Snack

2:50 Dismissal


8:30-8:50 Morning Meeting

8:50-9:25 Phonemic Awareness (Heggerty/Phonics(Journeys)

9:25-10:05 Vocabulary & Comprehension (Journeys)

10:05-10:50 Writing (Text Related)

10:50-11:00 Fluency (Sight WordsRepeated Reading)

11:00-11:25 Intervention-I-Ready Reading-Teacher Assigned & MyPath--Some students will work in MyLexia instead of completing MyPath lessons).  

11:25-12:10 Activity

Activity Schedule:

Monday--Library 11:25-12:10 Join using this google link

Tuesday--Music 11:25-12:10  Join using this google link

Wednesday--P.E. 11:25-12:10  Join using this google link

Thursday--Computer Lab 11:25-12:10  Join using this google link

Friday--Character Ed 11:25-12:10  Join using this google link

Character Ed:
Computer Lab:

Fry Sight Words we are learning:

1. the                 2. of                 3. and             4. a             5. to             6. in              7. is           8. you             9. that         10. it

11. he                12. was           13. for         14. on         15. are       16. as          17. with       18. his           19. they       20. I

21. at                 22. be              23. this        24. have    25. from    26. or          27. one         28. had        29. by           30. words

31. but              32. not            33. what     34. all         35. were    36. we         37. when     38. your      39. can         40. said

41. there          42. use            43. an          44. each    45. which   46. she      47. do            48. how      49. their       50. if

51. will              52. up             53. other    54. about   55. out       56. many   57. then      58. them     59.these       60. so

Learning the first 100 Fry Sight Words