Ms. Newsom/ Ms. Jones 1st Grade Class


Holly Springs Primary School

Principal Mrs. S. Jones                                                                     

Interventionist Mrs. S. Miller

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Virtual Schedule for 1st Grade:                  EVERY Tuesday and Thursday @7:30-2:30.

1st Grade Virtual/Hybrid Schedule

Monday-Friday 7:45-2:30


Conference Time:

Mon./ Wed. 12-2pm

Tues./Thurs. 12-1pm 

Friday 12-3pm


Ms. Newsom Virtual Learning: 

Students please refer to your Schoology account and login for virtual class.


Testing Google Meet Link:

(US) +1 443-405-2504 (PIN: 761500238)


Ms. Jones Fluency Meeting:

(US) +1 631-591-6869 (PIN: 217302730)




Monday: Music

Tuesday: P.E

Wednesday: Computer Lab

Thursday: Character Ed.

Friday: Library

Contact Information:

If you need any additional information please leave a message in the comment box below or contact HSPS @ 662-252-1768.


Mandatory Weekly Assignments: Schoology consists of Mandatory online assignments and lessons. Assignments are posted Monday/ Wednesday WEEKLY.



Lexia students are to complete their required time weekly. Lexia students are to meet weekly 10-10:30/ 2-2:30 as scheduled. 


iReady lessons are to be completed and passed EVERY FRIDAY. Students are to complete 2 Reading/ 2 Math teacher assigned lessons and 2 Reading/2 Math My Path. 


Students must read (3) books per week and pass with 80% mastery.

Go to (read book only) 

Enter class code: sdt8647

AR is where the student actually takes the test on the book. 

WEEKLY Fry words: 

Please practice sight/spelling words to prepare for weekly oral assessment, on the (5) given words.

SIGHT WORDS: such, because, turn, here, why

SPELLING WORDS: name, good, sentence, man, think 

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Ms. J. Newsom

Ms. J. Newsom Hello, I am Ms. J. Newsom, your child's 1st Grade teacher. I am ready to embark on another great year. My passion for children excel over the scale.  I believe all children have their own way of learning and all children learn on a different level. I am ready to virtually teach your child and enhance their education with the help of you as their parent. I am willing to listen to your questions, concerns, and work with parents/students as we all adapt to virtual learning together.  

Ms. J. Jones

Ms. J. Jones is also your child’s teacher. She is my paraprofessional in the classroom, She's a proud 2009 Holly Springs High school graduate. She has been with HSPS for 4 years and is excited to begin her 5th year. She's ready to spread her love and eager to work with your child. She will challenge each of you and your child to open your minds and embark on Virtual Learning.



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